Performance Management

Allow your organisation to benefit from up-to-date insights. Say goodbye to error-prone, standalone spreadsheets and invest in the value of your own company data.

Performance Management

Your organisation has an enormous amount of financial information at its disposal. Enterprise Performance management allows this knowledge to work to the advantage of the entire organisation.

Performance Management

To manage your organisation effectively, you need clear information on performance. Are you able to combine all the relevant data into valuable management information?

Enterprise Performance Management

Organisations have a growing amount of financial data at their disposal that can provide a great deal of insight into performance. However, it is impossible to retrieve, combine and analyse all this information manually. Thanks to Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), you no longer have to deal with error-prone, standalone spreadsheets and can instead invest in the value of your own company data.

Make better decisions

EPM offers organisational coordination, makes (financial) information visible, and increases trust in reporting. As a result, you can make more informed decisions based on financial information and even make predictions. A defined strategy, smart planning, clear analysis and quick optimisation are exactly what you need in a rapidly changing world.

Management information for the business

Management information becomes even more effective when it is not only shared by the finance department, but can be accessed by the business itself. When the purchasing or marketing department can review the company's performance at the touch of a button, it becomes much easier for these departments to make adjustments based on extremely reliable, up-to-date information. Enterprise Performance Management provides opportunities in areas such as analytics, planning and forecasting, allocations, collaboration and what-if analyses.

Getting started with EPM

To get started with EPM, you first need to ensure that you have a grip on all the relevant data sources in your organisation and that your master data is of the highest quality. Ctac is an expert in EPM. We map out what management information you need, before putting your data architecture in order and consolidating Enterprise Performance Management with practical advice and powerful software.


Spend more time on growing your business and less time on accounting. Streamline your planning and achieve a faster and more accurate accounts closing. SAP BPC offers different possibilities for planning, budgeting, forecasts and financial consolidation.


Prepare your organisation for the questions that are comming with SAP Integrated Business Planninf (IBP). Powered by the SAP HANA in-memory technology. Take advantage of powerful supply chain analysis, what-if-simulations, alerts and more.

Your customer expects only one version of the truth - Take Control


Can you paint an accurate picture of your customers, and do you have full control over your stock and supply chain? To do so, your business and IT must be perfectly aligned. That means you need a central platform where you can analyse pricing, logistics and sales information in real time.



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