Transport Management

Transport has become highly complex. You can choose from a host of carriers, each of which offers different service capacities and prices. How can you make sure every shipment will arrive in the right place and at the right time without you having to worry about it?

It is the customer who determines where and when you need to deliver

In the demand-driven supply chain, it is the customer who determines where and when you need to deliver. The choices you make in the field of transport are therefore becoming increasingly important. After all, you want to deliver on time and at an affordable price.

Transport Management

You may work with large shipments that are distributed to your customers by haulage companies, or you may also have your own drivers. You may even work with small shipments for whom you enlist the services of parcel delivery companies such as DHL and PostNL. This results in a constant coming and going of drivers who all want to leave with the right cargo – ideally with as little empty space as possible on their lorries.

Smart multi-carrier selections

The costs of all these journeys can easily add up, and many organisations are struggling with the complexity this creates in the chain. After all, there are plenty of possible approaches and carriers, each with their own services and price structures. You want to maintain efficient control based on insights into all aspects of the supply chain, such as the positive or negative performance of your hauliers, factory, country and cost centres – both in terms of materials and customers.

Intelligent technology can make transport management easier and more profitable. We can help you optimise your transportation and put you in full control of your transport processes and costs. As well as being able to uphold your service guarantee to your customers, you can work more efficiently and increase your margins.


SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent ERP solution specifically for in-memory computing. It is the digital core and connects your organisation to people, corporate networks, the Internet of Things, big data and much more.

SAP Transportation Management (TM)

The final demand of your (potential) customers is central to the entire supply chain. That is why it is important that you have an understanding of each step of the supply and demand chain. But how should you deal with the complexity this creates in the chain?

Checklist: 10 questions about Demand-Driven Warehouses

This checklist determines whether your company has a demand-driven warehouse. Answer the 10 questions and find out whether your company’s distribution centre is properly (optimally) equipped.

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Flexibility and scalability thanks to automating the supply chain

Blog - 26 June 2018, Johan Looijmans, 3 min reading time

Controlling scalability in volume in order to grow faster, to have more possibilities in order to offer value-added services, and solid tracking and tracing. These were the wishes of a large retailer which approached Ctac. Ctac has been able to help this client by optimizing the warehouse processes and by using SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) solution. Johan Looijmans, Business Development Manager at Ctac, explains what this innovative solution has given the retailer.

The Greenery goes ‘paper-free’ with SFC


The Greenery uses the operating system SAP from the source (its growers) to its customers’ distribution center. Thanks to the complete implementation of SAP, the company can guarantee an optimal set-up of the supply chain.

Webinar: Transport in the demand driven value chain

Webinar Recording

Our transport expert immerses everyone in the subject of the demand-driven value chain, a working method that truly enables supply chains to return to the basics.