Connected Supply Chain

Your customers expect to receive the right delivery at the right time, and according to their specifications. It needs to be delivered at exactly the right time and in the right place.

The entire supply chain under control

In the process of delivery a lot can go wrong. Unless you take control, successfully connect all the parties in the chain, and put them all to work at the right time.

Connected Supply Chain

Delivering the right products at the right time and upholding your service guarantee to your customers calls for a streamlined logistics process. On the one hand, you need to make sure your buyers and suppliers start their work on time, based on the expected demand. On the other, you also want to be able to provide clarity to colleagues in sales, marketing and procurement. That means you need to have an extremely reliable overview of everything that has been ordered, everything that is on the road and everything that is already present in your warehouses, so that you can intervene immediately if something threatens to go wrong.

Demand forecasting and inventory management

You have extensive knowledge of your customers and their purchasing patterns. You may also have a similar understanding of your customers' customers. You can use that knowledge to forecast demand for your products and avoid empty shelves and missed sales opportunities.You may even be able to enhance your own forecasts using data from other organisations in your supply chain (collaborative forecasting). By fully integrating your own applications and creating complete transparency throughout the chain, you can build an accurate picture of the expected demand for your products.

Supply Chain Control Tower

How would you like to look at your entire supply chain from a control tower? A birds-eye view of this kind would allow you to gain control over all aspects of your supply chain. As you would be monitoring everything in real time, it would be easy to intervene if something threatens to go wrong. What if you notice a blockage somewhere or a product is delayed? In that case you can immediately offer alternatives and enlist help if necessary. You can also let the customer know about the delay.


SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent ERP solution specifically for in-memory computing. It is the digital core and connects your organisation to people, corporate networks, the Internet of Things, big data and much more.


The supply chain is increasingly important. SAP EWM gives you extensive control over all processes in and outside the warehouse. It gives you a better overview and allows you to reduce costs.

Checklist: 10 questions about Demand-Driven Warehouses

This checklist determines whether your company has a demand-driven warehouse. Answer the 10 questions and find out whether your company’s distribution centre is properly (optimally) equipped.

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From ugly duck to beautiful swan!

Blog - 18 January 2018, Xander van den Berg, 4 min reading time

Transport is often the last in line when it comes to the supply-chain family. When strategy and innovation are being discussed, it's often other subjects that come first. Does one need to think about strategy or innovation? In this blog I depict the ideal situation.

The Greenery goes ‘paper-free’ with SFC


The Greenery uses the operating system SAP from the source (its growers) to its customers’ distribution center. Thanks to the complete implementation of SAP, the company can guarantee an optimal set-up of the supply chain.

Webinar: Transport in the demand driven value chain

Webinar Recording

Our transport expert immerses everyone in the subject of the demand-driven value chain, a working method that truly enables supply chains to return to the basics.