An efficient supply chain in a demand-driven world

The customer occupies a more central position than ever. Customer requirements are what determine how manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers operate and how they organise their supply chains.

Demand for new competencies

The demand-driven world calls for new competencies – from real-time control over warehouse performance to the optimisation of transport journeys and carefully conceived multi-carrier selections.

Efficient Supply Chain

The world used to be more straightforward. Manufacturers made products that were sold to retailers by wholesalers. The retailer then sold the product to the end customer. That world no longer exists. Retailers are increasingly selling via the internet. Producers and wholesalers are delivering straight to the consumer. The old way of doing things has completely disappeared.

Right product, right time, right price

This creates a whole new dynamic in which the customer takes centre stage. Customer demand is what determines how the supply chain is managed. Anyone who wants to be successful under this new dynamic will need to be able to meet customer demand optimally. That means: delivering the right product at the right price at the right time and in a way that meets the needs of the customer optimally. Every link in the demand-driven supply chain contributes to achieving that goal.

We help manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers that want to uphold their customer service guarantee as they set up and streamline their warehouse and distribution processes. There are three themes that play a key role here.

Connected supply chain

Your customers expect to receive the right products at the right time. To meet the needs of your customers, you need to maintain an overview and take control of the entire supply chain.

Warehouse Management

Ordered today, delivered tonight. Your warehouse plays an essential role in meeting your customer's requirements. The warehouse has evolved into an essential link.

Transport Management

You used to be able to get by with haulage companies and your own goods vehicles. Now you can choose from a host of carriers, each of which offers different service capacities and prices.


SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent ERP solution specifically for in-memory computing. It is the digital core and connects your organisation to people, corporate networks, the Internet of Things, big data and much more.


The supply chain is increasingly important. SAP EWM gives you extensive control over all processes in and outside the warehouse. It gives you a better overview and allows you to reduce costs.

Checklist: 10 questions about Demand-Driven Warehouses

This checklist determines whether your company has a demand-driven warehouse. Answer the 10 questions and find out whether your company’s distribution centre is properly (optimally) equipped.

Download checklist

Optimising internal goods flows with simple logic

Blog - 27 August 2018, Johan Looijmans, 5 min reading time

Organisations in the manufacturing industry need to organise their internal goods flows as efficiently as possible. And yet this all runs into trouble at one specific link in this process.

The Greenery goes ‘paper-free’ with SFC


The Greenery uses the operating system SAP from the source (its growers) to its customers’ distribution center. Thanks to the complete implementation of SAP, the company can guarantee an optimal set-up of the supply chain.

Webinar: Transport in the demand driven value chain

Webinar Recording

Our transport expert immerses everyone in the subject of the demand-driven value chain, a working method that truly enables supply chains to return to the basics.