Office Automation

Consultation, sharing documents, collaboration, finding and sharing knowledge – this is all increasingly taking place in the cloud. Working from anywhere, at any time on any device is the new reality for most companies. This calls for clear decisions. Otherwise, your people could be using a motley selection of solutions before you know it.

Working from anywhere, at any time is the new reality

This calls for clear decisions to be made. Otherwise, your people could be using a motley selection of solutions before you know it.

Office Automation

Consultation, creating documents, sharing documents, online meetings, project management – for all of these everyday tasks, there are practical apps and smart systems available that your employees can purchase and use in just one click. Nevertheless, this convenience has a downside: collaboration becomes a challenge because these solutions do not communicate with each other and are not always available to the entire organisation. What's more, it is not clear who has access to what data.

Collaborate in a single modern working environment

Modern organisations use an integrated set of solutions that work together seamlessly. There are tools available for all your knowledge work, whether you are creating texts or spreadsheets, sharing documents or managing calendars. It is extremely practical for colleagues to be able to easily grant one other access to data and documents within this work environment. This creates an environment where processes and data can flow effortlessly and collaboration happens almost automatically.

In addition, connecting this virtual office to your business systems makes it even easier to intelligently place information in the right context. For example, this makes it possible to display particular KPIs, news or other data in your colleagues' digital workplaces by default, or to easily insert specific data from your systems into your spreadsheets.

Microsoft SharePoint

Welcome to a new way of working together. SharePoint offers you innovative ways to share your work and collaborate with others, to organise your projects and teams and to find people and data.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 offers flexible, user-friendly and reliable applications for knowledge sharing and collaboration both online and offline, and regardless of whether you prefer to use your computer, your tablet or your phone.

6 preconceptions about SharePoint that are no longer correct

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