Sharing documents, online consultations, working jointly on a single document: thanks to the internet, these activities have become standard practices.

Make collaboration easy

Physical proximity is no longer a requirement for productivity. But how can you prevent your staff from getting overwhelmed by the huge quantity of office productivity apps and systems out there?


Are your employees suffering from information overload? Do they also have to spend the entire day switching between a multitude of different systems and apps to get their work done? If so, it is time to start working together smartly. The digital workplace is an important step in this direction.

Give every employee a digital workplace

Streamline collaboration and enhance productivity by giving every employee a personal digital workplace. A secure work environment that is easy to personalise gives employees online access to all information and systems they need for their work. A workplace of this kind also allows employees to easily share documents both within and outside the organisation. Colleagues and external parties can, depending on the project, gain access to the right documents and folders.

Smarter meetings

Sharing targeted information and making the right decisions – two crucial factors for successfully managing your organisation. But how can you make sure you are able to hold effective, modern meetings where minimal time is spent preparing and distributing the necessary documents? And how can you share important decisions quickly and effectively with the right people?Consultation is much easier when you hold meetings online. You can schedule meetings, share calendars and distribute documents, and then share the action points once the meeting is over. The attendees at the meeting can all take their own notes too.

Getting started with smarter working and meetings

We have a great deal of expertise in online collaboration and smart meetings. We help you create virtual offices in which different people, teams or organisations can work on the same documents. This improves collaboration and information sharing between employees, project members, suppliers, customers and partners. On top of that expertise, we offer powerful solutions such as Ctac Smart Meetings and a digital workplace. These products were developed in Office 365, a secure and trusted platform.

Smarter meetings and digital working

Our digital workplace and Ctac Smart Meetings both offer a digital environment that provides structure and security and is effortless to use. With Smart Meetings, you can improve the quality of your internal information and decision-making. Smart Meetings and the digital workplace both utilise trusted tools such as Microsoft Outlook for scheduling meetings and inviting attendees, or Microsoft OneNote for taking personal notes when viewing documents from meetings and agenda items both during the meeting and in advance.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 offers flexible, user-friendly and reliable applications for knowledge sharing and collaboration both online and offline, and regardless of whether you prefer to use your computer, your tablet or your phone.

Microsoft SharePoint

Welcome to a new way of working together. SharePoint offers you innovative ways to share your work and collaborate with others, to organise your projects and teams and to find people and data.

6 preconceptions about SharePoint that are no longer correct

Blog - 27 June 2019, Annemieke Matyas, 3 min reading time

Despite the tremendous growth of the platform, various preconceptions about SharePoint persist. Here we will highlight six frequently heard preconceptions and then clarify these misunderstandings.

Webinar ‘Digital workspaces in housing corporations’

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The digital workplace doesn't have any secrets for Paul Vos. He knows exactly how to explain what a digital workplace is, how it works and why it is so important.