Give digital talent and innovation the room it needs

The digital transformation requires people who are digitally dexterous and an organisation that gives innovation enough room.

Demand for digital skills

Digitisation is spreading across every aspect of your organisation – from marketing to finance and logistics to service. This calls for the entire organisation to be digitally dexterous – not just individual people.

Digital Dexterity

The digital transformation involves much more than simply introducing new, smart technology. After all, it is people who actually use that smart technology. The success of your investments in hardware and software is determined by the enjoyment, enthusiasm and ease with which people work with these systems.

Give innovation enough space

Digitally dexterous employees are not enough on their own. The digital transformation also calls for an organisation that is ready for innovation. That means giving your people space to experiment. It means you need to empower your teams and your people to create digital test beds where they can try out new ideas. You can then select the most successful initiatives and roll them out. This allows you to accelerate innovation and transformation

Ctac helps you on your way

We can help you to nurture innovation within your organisation in all kinds of ways, including sessions where we help you devise new and innovative ways to serve your customers, developing a proof of concept or mock-up to test new ideas, and practical training to help your people improve their digital skills and get the most out of new and innovative solutions.

Solution Adoption

Completed a project? It's the users who determine the return you get from it.This is why we focus on the users.Or rather: we enhance the success of your project by paying attention to their requirements.


We believe in practical training which gives you the opportunity to gain as much experience as possible. That's why we limit theory to the bare essentials.

Design Thinking: Getting started with the ultimate Customer Journey

Blog - 19 November 2018, Frank Koppen, 5 min reading time

If your company wants to be truly relevant to consumers, you constantly have to base your reasoning on your customer's needs. Design Thinking can be of enormous help with that.

Students break world record at Ctac


Thirty-five students of primary school ‘De Lispeltuut’ from Hedel were given the chance to enhance their digital dexterity in a playful way and break the world record programming.