Be Personal

Your customers expect you to know their favourite colours. A personal approach can really help attract customers to your business.

A personal approach for an astonishing difference

Do you know your customer through and through? Do you know his favourite colour or hobby? A personal approach can really help attract customers to your business.

Personalised Marketing

What’s the best way to personalise your offering? Doing so requires detailed insight into every step of the customer journey. Insight will help you to approach your (prospective) customers at the right moment with relevant product offers that meet their needs – the ultimate target group segmentation. The result? More satisfied, loyal customers – and, in turn, more sales.

Want to know all about your customer? BE PERSONAL

Every contact moment is an opportunity to enrich your customer data: when are your customers online and what products are they viewing? Once you’ve got that information, you can derive valuable insights from it. You might discover, for example, that a particular person often visits your web shop to look at specific products around the same time each year, e.g. the end of May. Maybe that has something to do with a birthday?

By collecting and analysing customer data gathered at every moment of contact, you will gain useful insights that can form the basis for even deeper customer engagement. After all, you will know where your customers are at a particular moment and what they’re interested in. This will help you to think with them and develop relevant offers.

Developing real customer intimacy ensures that your customers will come back to your business next time – not because of the price, but because you understand what’s important to them.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Analyse each customer in all channels to identify each contact opportunity, including previous purchases, implicit purchase signals observed during recent browsing sessions or social media comments about your product or brand.


Optimise customer engagement in retail, wholesale and manufacturing.

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Design Thinking: Getting started with the ultimate Customer Journey

Blog - 19 November 2018, Frank Koppen, 5 min reading time

If your company wants to be truly relevant to consumers, you constantly have to base your reasoning on your customer's needs. Design Thinking can be of enormous help with that.

Your customers expect a personal approach


Do you know your customers through and through? Do you know their favourite colours or hobbies? A personal approach can really help attract customers to your business.