Office of the CFO

Now that change has become the most important constant, organisations have a need for calm, control and insight – and that's exactly what the CFO and their team provide.

Change has become a constant presence

With rapidly changing business models, stricter rules and more stringent reporting requirements, change has become a constant presence. The office of the CFO provides stability in this hectic environment. Among other things, it provides streamlined financial processes and clear figures that form a basis for management and reporting.

Office of the CFO

The office of the CFO is where everything comes together. After all, the CFO and their colleagues provide control over and monitoring of financial flows. This creates solid and reliable foundations built on information.

The impact of technology on the financial side of things should not be underestimated. Not only has the finance department gained access to much more data, but it now has access to increasingly sophisticated tools for analysing that data. The challenge now is to not be overwhelmed by all that information and to use the data intelligently – by managing the organisation in the right way and anticipating market developments in good time, and by working transparently and ensuring completely accurate reporting.

A partner of the business

We help our customers to develop the office of the CFO into a fully fledged partner of the business. We do so by combining knowledge of finance with in-depth expertise in data, processes, organisation and systems.

This enables us to help our clients (such as finance controllers and reporting managers) to put their data structures in order, streamline their financial processes and reporting procedures, and effortlessly meet the requirements of both stakeholders and regulators.

It also allows us to help organisations manage things in more detail based on available and relevant data. We help the office of the CFO to streamline data more effectively and eliminate manual activities, so that reporting can take place even more quickly. In this way, the business controller becomes a fully fledged partner of the business.

Core Finance & Fast Close

The 'fast close' process calls for streamlined procedures and control over data, thereby providing a strong basis for insight and transparency.

Performance Management

Your organisation has an enormous amount of financial information at its disposal. Performance management allows this knowledge to work to the advantage of the entire organisation.

Regulatory Reporting

Financial reporting rules are becoming stricter all the time. This does not mean the situation has to be complex. Make financial reporting a streamlined process.