Trends and technological developments

Customer Engagement}

Customer Engagement

Today’s customers always want more: more personalised offers and deals that are more relevant and more consistent across channels. IoT, 24/7 online and big data: the digital revolution has turned the world upside down. That revolution is visible everywhere, not least in the way you find and win customers and keep them coming back.

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An efficient supply chain}

An efficient supply chain

The customer occupies a more central position than ever. Customer requirements are what determine how manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers operate and how they organise their supply chains. This calls for new competencies – from real-time control over warehouse performance to the optimisation of transport journeys and carefully conceived multi-carrier selections.

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Office of the CFO}

Office of the CFO

With rapidly changing business models, stricter rules and more stringent reporting requirements, change has become a constant presence. The office of the CFO is an essential partner for your business.

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Business Productivity}

Business Productivity

Office work has rapidly developed into knowledge-based work. Employees retrieve information, produce documents, share knowledge and work together. They do so in a fully networked world where information is produced and spread more and more quickly, but is also becoming increasingly ephemeral.

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