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Get help with all aspects of modern business learning, including performance support, change management, compliance and soft skills training.

SAP Enable Now

The implementation of a (new) solution is often a nice milestone. Does your project success depend on user adoption? Then you can use SAP Enable Now to guarantee the necessary knowledge build-up before and after implementation. The materials you develop with SAP Enable Now form the safety net for the users. SAP Enable Now provides the knowledge your employees need when and where they need it.

Why SAP Enable Now?

You know the story. You have a specific question about how to perform an action. But the internet only offers generic solutions, not tailored to your specific situation. With SAP Enable Now, that's a thing of the past. In SAP Enable Now, you can quickly and easily find answers to your questions within the context of your own work situation. You can do this by making existing or new materials available yourself. For example, via a library with e-learnings, simulations, work instructions, quick reference cards and how-to videos.

SAP Enable Now supports all Windows-based applications. Directly at the workplace of you and your employees - where people learn. The materials are tailored to your own situation. SAP Enable Now combines the good features of Google, Wikipedia and YouTube in one clear solution. Easily search, create content together, and simply update and create videos that explain how to perform actions. You can also train future users. This means you benefit from minimal training effort, easy access and user-friendly online training. In short: a better user adoption.

The advantages of SAP Enable Now

  • Ensures a better user adoption
  • Increases the productivity of your employees
  • Benefit from minimal training effort required
  • Efficiently create and distribute training and support materials
  • Less burden on the IT helpdesk thanks to greater user self-sufficiency

Ctac as implementation partner of SAP Enable Now

As an SAP Platinum Partner, Ctac is happy to assist you in the successful implementation of SAP Enable Now. Step by step we will guide you to an optimally functioning and maximally integrated solution. Would you like to know more about SAP Enable Now and its implementation possibilities? Please contact us for more information.

Ctac Enable Now Package

The Ctac Enable Now Package enables companies to make training and support easy again for employees by providing them with up-to-date and user-friendly digital content

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Hooray, we’ve gone live!

Blog - 4 September 2018, Richard Benschop, 2 min reading time

Success should be celebrated. It is even recommended by Kotter, who ranked it in 6th place in his 8-step plan for the successful implementation of changes in organisations.

SAP Enable Now - A new way of knowledge sharing


SAP Enable Now is a platform for combining, managing and sharing all your materials. It offers online presentation support for both SAP and non SAP systems.