E-commerce, CMS and Online Marketing

Your customers and prospects expect a personalised and uniform experience. Stay ahead of your competition with E-commerce, CMS and Online Marketing platforms.

Turn your customers into fans

Your current and future customers expect more: more offers that are focused on them as individuals, are more relevant, and are consistent across all channels. Customers are also increasingly deciding for themselves where and when to make their purchases. If your customer isn't immediately satisfied, it is simple for them to switch to one of your competitors.

E-commerce solutions

How can you create customer loyalty for your organisation? Customer engagement plays an important role in this. Engaged customers are loyal customers, and you can generate customer loyalty by deploying the right e-commerce solutions.  

Four developments in the field of customer engagement

There are four developments that have a major impact on customer engagement. These are digital transformation, direct to consumer, always connected, and the shift from a product-centred approach to the customer is in charge. These four developments mean that the business needs to be able to fully rely on an effective and reliable IT setup. Business and IT alignment enables you to translate your business requirements into suitable solutions quickly, easily and in a cost-effective manner. This might take the form of a new application, system integration, data synchronisation, or more functions for analysing customer data.

E-commerce solutions help to provide a clear overview of your customers and enable you to fully take back control – right down to your inventory and the supply chain. You gain access to a single central platform where you can analyse all your pricing, logistics and sales information in real time.Do you want to get started with e-commerce? If so, the first step is to map out the customer journey. Only once you genuinely understand your customers will you know what drives them. After that, we identify the solutions you need to achieve your goals.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Analyse each customer in all channels to identify each contact opportunity, including previous purchases, implicit purchase signals observed during recent browsing sessions or social media comments about your product or brand.


Have an integrated e-commerce solution at your disposal without any of the usual worries and costs. This application offers extensive CMS, online marketing facilities and is perfect for content-driven websites.

Whitepaper: Surprise in customer interactions

The how and why of Customer Engagement in Retail, Wholesale and Manufacturing.

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Design Thinking: Getting started with the ultimate Customer Journey

Blog - 19 November 2018, Frank Koppen, 5 min reading time

If your company wants to be truly relevant to consumers, you constantly have to base your reasoning on your customer's needs. Design Thinking can be of enormous help with that.

Your customer expects a personal approach


Do you know your customers through and through? Do you know their favourite colours or hobbies? A personal approach can really help attract customers to your business.