Cloud solutions

In a world where upgrades come thick and fast and flexible capacity is critical, cloud computing makes it simple to keep up.

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Enter the cloud

Why should you keep footing the bill for server and software management? Just like factories of yesteryear making the switch to an external energy supplier, modern organisations are now moving into the cloud – and the benefits are just as substantial.

Cloud solutions

Flexible capacity on demand, applications that are always up to date, and no more worrying about (or paying for) maintenance. Other advantages of the cloud include the ability to quickly introduce new software, the capacity to innovate much more quickly and easily, and, of course, the fact that you pay based on what you use. The cloud offers undeniable benefits in terms of operational efficiency, costs, manoeuvrability and impact.

Cloud solutions tailor-made

But how best to choose a cloud solution that will continue to meet your needs in the future? Where can you find a cloud provider who is resolutely committed to your organisation? And what criteria should you use to make your decision? At Ctac, we take your requirements as a starting point. What does your organisation need to be flexible? Our cloud solutions are designed for the long term, and are focused on allowing your organisation to adapt as smoothly as possible to changing circumstances. We either use solutions that we already we have in house, or we provide alternatives specifically designed for your industry or supply chain. We also offer a hands-on approach with an understanding of your value chain.


The complexity of business processes in multi-cloud environments continues to increase. Security and cloud integration are the main challenges . The right strategy is therefore key.

Cloud Integration

The cloud world is rapidly moving towards best of breed. This leads to system islands and data silos, which hamper your operational effectiveness. Your systems need to communicate with one another.


External parties breaking into your network and gaining access to your company data or disrupting your processes simply doesn't bear thinking about. Create a secure cloud environment.

Ctac iPaaS

The cloud landscape has exploded. Everything is moving towards the cloud: from small solutions supporting a single task to large, integrated ERP systems, and from traditional solutions hosted by a third party to solutions running on a server in a faraway country.

Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure platform is a versatile cloud computing platform from Microsoft that lets you offer internetservices as services. This is possible via the internet but also within the environment of your own company.

Looking to move to the cloud without a plan? That's not a good plan.

Blog - 20 August 2019, Léon van den Bogaert, 4 min reading time

Switching to the cloud sounds so simple. Even so, I've noticed that many people don't really have an idea what this process entails or how to go about making this switch. A good plan gives you firm foundations.

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In this video Vivare explains about the collaboration with Ctac, the digital transformation en the migration to the cloud.

5 step cloud checklist


Here are 5 steps to follow in order to make your migration to the cloud successful.