Rapid application development

More rapid application development to stay agile in the digital age.

Getting started with Rapid Application Development

How can you make sure that you can quickly respond to technological developments and swiftly develop applications that will immediately help your business? Rapid Application Development is the answer.

How can you keep your business applications up to date?

IT is facing the challenge of keeping up with these developments. This is not always easy. Application development tends to be costly and time-consuming. IT projects often take so long to complete that adjustments are necessary by the time they go live. IT capacity often stays the same, which leaves no room to meet all the requirements. However, organisations don't stand still, so the business often resorts to shadow applications that are not supported by the IT department. This makes you lose your control over your IT environment, so how can you prevent this from happening?

Rapid Application Development (RAD) solutions

Rapid Application Development (RAD) makes application development more accessible and significantly faster. RAD shortens the development process from months to weeks or even days. Smart, low-code application development shifts the emphasis from coding to modelling by using practical building blocks. Rapid Application Development enables you to bring your application landscape in line with your organisation's needs. This results in five main benefits:

  • Low code: prevent repetitive coding by using building blocks that are easy to adjust.
  • Bridge the gap between the business and IT: develop applications in a single environment for both the business and IT to foster collaboration.
  • Stay in control of your applications: build custom applicati ons in one central location and stay in control of the entire environment.
  • Flexibility and independence: easily customise your applications and meet rapidly changing business requirements.
  • Speed: develop long-lasting apps in a structured way quickly.

The most complete Rapid Application Development platform

Mendix accelerates the building process and the entire application life cycle from design to the build, testing and deployment. The business and IT share a single project environment in order to share insights and shape the application. Mendix enables users to easily develop applications by modelling pre-packaged elements, instead of having developers write code again and again. When users hit certain limitations, a Mendix developer can adapt the application within the same platform with more advanced tools. Mendix therefore offers no-code, low-code and code in a single solution.

Ctac helps you get started

An independent look at Rapid Application Development will help you make the right choices. Ctac has experience with Mendix and expertise in integrations between SAP, infrastructure and other applications. We combine these two areas to advise you on the possibilities of deploying Rapid Application Development based on our extensive knowledge and on our experience with your processes and business. We always consider your entire IT environment. This allows us to determine exactly what areas you should develop and how you can approach this intelligently. If you would like to find out what Rapid Application Development can do for you, contact us.

Ctac iPaaS

The cloud landscape has exploded. Everything is moving towards the cloud: from small solutions supporting a single task to large, integrated ERP systems, and from traditional solutions hosted by a third party to solutions running on a server in a faraway country.


Do you want to be able to develop applications quickly, integrate them and adapt them to changing processes? Mendix, an advanced High Productivity Application Platform as a Service (HPaPaaS), makes it possible. Build an innovative app within weeks.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) met Mendix

Many organizations opt for a RAD platform. This enables organizations to develop applications faster, with fewer resources and in a manageable way. But which choices are involved?

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This is how you facilitate innovation

Blog - 29 August 2018, 4 min reading time

How can you stimulate innovation in your business? Recently, I joined SAP on a tour of several leading companies in the San Francisco Bay area. Each had their own way of giving direction to innovation.

Webinar - Collaboration Mendix & Ctac


Ctac works together with Mendix, a supplier of application platform-as-a-service solutions (aPaaS) used to develop and integrate applications and adapt them to changing processes in organisations.

Mendix distinguishes Ctac with the Fast Track Partner Award


Ctac received the Fast Track Partner of the Year award during the Mendix Partner Day. This prize was awarded to the Mendix partner who has shown great potential in the past year.