Get more out of your data

Your organisation has increasing amounts of data at its disposal. If you can transform that raw data into valuable management information, you will be sitting on a gold mine.

Turn raw data into valuable information

Enable up-to-date and reliable data to work to your advantage. But how can you make real-time decisions based on data? And what effects does this have on strategic priorities such as cutting costs and increasing revenue?

Analytics solutions

Analytics has undergone enormous developments in the last few years. Until recently, analytics still meant integrating data from different systems to support business processes. Recently, however, analytics has become an integral part of business processes. Data analysis solutions are increasingly being used to create new services and interact with customers in different ways.

More sources and more data with analytics solutions

Rapid data growth is the most important driver of this development. This is because there are more and more sources that generate data. The result is an ever-increasing flow of data, from transaction and sensor data to telephony data and social media information.

The entire organisation benefits

Smarter management is no longer reserved for the top of the organisation. New self-service functions enable employees throughout the organisation to make better-informed decisions. As a result, data is connected to (parts of) the business processes on virtually a one-to-one basis. What's more, analytics is becoming an integral part of the overall production process. Data makes it easier for you to identify new opportunities, organise processes more efficiently and respond more effectively to your customers' requirements.

Smarter management?

Do you want to use the data already at your disposal for smarter management? If so, we would be pleased to help you take the right steps. Smarter management starts with identifying the places within the process where smart data use can add most value. Smarter management also requires solid and reliable data foundations.

Master Data Management

Master data management provides you with solid and reliable data foundations for your business management.

Business Intelligence

It is important to convert data into information that can lead to action. But where should you start? And what is the most suitable BI solution for your situation?

Performance Management

Enterprise performance management gives you more confidence in your reporting. It improves organisational coordination and increases the visibility of your (financial) information.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud offers you all the analytics functionalities on a single SaaS platform. You combine data from different sources for faster planning, analysis and forecasts. Benefit from an agile environment that is available anytime, anywhere.


Winshuttle allows you to transform the way your organisation works. With powerful workflow-enabled processes and smart automation, it turns everyday SAP users into power users. This allows them to guarantee data quality like never before, streamline projects and continuously improve processes.

If you want to do more with Data Analytics, make sure to get the following 4 things right

Blog - 17 July 2019, Nico Buwalda, 4 min reading time

Data Analytics are indispensable for organisations to make more informed decisions and to optimise their processes. That is why it is important to choose the right analytics solution. However, the right technology is only one part of the bigger picture.

Analytics Cloud Retail Package


It is all about the customer. Create a 360-degree view of your customers to manage your marketing system and let them experience the optimal customer journey.

Real Estate Analytics kit


All relevant analytics in one fully integrated dash board. This is the solution for portfolio and finance managers in real estate companies.