Solution Adoption

Completed a project? It's the users who determine the return you get from it. This is why we focus on the users. Or rather: we enhance the success of your project by paying attention to their requirements.

Solution Adoption

We believe that new IT solutions can only prove their worth in the workplace once users have actually started working with them. We find that it is essential to properly prepare users for that moment, which is why we go beyond training in this specific area.

Our approach to solution adoption

Our Solution Adoption method focuses on communication, change and training. Although we are driven by technology, our starting point is with the users. We work with you to make sure they are informed and motivated. We assess the impact and prepare the users thoroughly. We teach them how everything works and make them self-reliant.

Performance support

With us, Solution Adoption doesn't stop once your IT solution has entered into operation. We provide ongoing assistance to users after the system goes live through performance support. This helps us to ensure that the solution gets off to a sure start in your organisation. We bridge the gap from installation and configuration to implementation and acceptance.


The most important part of your project team is its members. But are they also the best ambassadors for change?


Multiple channels, multiple messages. No more newsletters introducing the project team. Information is targeted toward a specific audience.

Learn & Performance

Traditional training courses simply don't have what it takes – the knowledge they impart quickly disappears. Our approach ensures lasting results through the use of genuine blended learning solutions.

SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now helps with all aspects of modern business learning, including performance support, change management, compliance and soft skills training.

Hooray, we’ve gone live!

Blog - 4 September 2018, Richard Benschop, 2 min reading time

Success should be celebrated. It is even recommended by Kotter, who ranked it in 6th place in his 8-step plan for the successful implementation of changes in organisations.

Students break world record at Ctac


Thirty-five students of primary school ‘De Lispeltuut’ from Hedel were given the chance to enhance their digital dexterity in a playful way and break the world record programming.

Ctac Enable Now Package


The Ctac Enable Now Package puts companies in the possibility to make training and support for employees easy again by supplying them with up-to-date and user friendly digital content.