The right applicant for the right customer. That's what Ctac Resourcing delivers. For temporary replacements for ICT roles, you've come to the right place.

Secondment of Microsoft and SAP consultants

Are you looking for an SAP or Microsoft consultant on a temporary basis? If so, you're in the right place at Ctac Resourcing. We have very experienced SAP and Microsoft consultants who work for us on a permanent basis. We also have a high-quality network of freelance consultants available.

Specialist in ICT Secondment

We are always aware of and track the quality and availability of our own employees and freelancers. We can find you a suitable candidate for every SAP and Microsoft need, and can provide a suitable candidate to match your request within 24 hours. What's more, we commit to going one step further: we stay in touch after the selected candidate has started working with you, and track the development of those selected.

The perfect match

The right applicant for the right customer. That's what Ctac Resourcing delivers. For temporary replacements for an ICT role, your request is in safe hands with us. Ctac secondment works primarily in the fields of SAP and Microsoft, drawing on a pool of over 400 experienced consultants employed on a permanent basis by Ctac. Over the last few years, we have also built up an extensive and high-quality freelance network in the SAP and Microsoft markets. We understand what you as a client are looking for and know what our candidates are capable of. This allows us to find the perfect match, every time.

Personal network

So that we can find the right candidate for each of our clients, we first discuss this internally. If that does not yield a match, we call on our network. However we find them, every candidate that we present to you is someone we know personally. No digital network can match our personal network.


Even after completion of the secondment period, we stay in touch with our clients and track the development of the selected candidates.

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