Functional Application Management

Take advantage of functional application management for SAP and Microsoft to allow applications to connect optimally with your business.

Functional Application Management

Your customers want to be surprised at every turn, and you want to exceed their expectations wherever you can. That means your applications need to be aligned with your business as well as possible.

Functional Application Management

As the largest management partner for SAP and Microsoft, Ctac has the right in-house tools and expertise to provide you with the best possible service. With our functional management services, we provide the right solution for all your issues in terms of continuity, performance, capacity and optimisation. This allows you to focus on your core business and serve your customers as effectively as possible – all while avoiding risks and reducing costs.

SAP and Microsoft expertise

Ctac combines in-depth SAP and Microsoft expertise with knowledge of your company processes – remote, on site and project-based. This enables us to take a flexible approach to meeting your requirements and places a strong emphasis on improvement.

A comprehensive customised approach

Ctac offers comprehensive solutions for every industry and every company, no matter what the size. We apply a crystal-clear project approach and use scalable contracts, so you only buy what you need. We excel at providing value for money and efficiency, and we solve your problems with superior technology.