Recorded webinar: Know what a customer costs

SAP Marketing Cloud: Campaign, Planning & Budget management

16 November 2018 | Webinar

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Marketing managers, marketeers.

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The basis of your marketing is that your customer data is in order and you have an automated marketing system fully integrated into your organisation. But how do you attract both new and loyal customers with effective campaigns through the right channels? This is only possible by gaining an insight into your campaigns, what they deliver, and therefore which you should continue to use in the future. In that way, you’ll know exactly what each new customer costs and you will be able to get the most out of your marketing budget!
The right tool can be a good way to achieve the above, provided it is interwoven within all your marketing processes and philosophy. SAP Marketing Cloud helps you with that. This tool presents all data clearly on one platform; from your marketing budget and marketing calendar to channel performance, messages and conversions. Marketing expert Ralph van der Veek will show you all the possibilities of this comprehensive SAP tool and answer relevant questions such as:

  • How do I get an overall picture of my marketing activities and their effectiveness?
  • How can SAP Marketing Cloud save my organisation marketing costs?


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