ETIM-extension inRiver PIM

Your product information must always be correct. Correct information keeps things clear for your customer and all the other players in the sales process. The ETIM classification helps you to achieve this, but how can you sort out all your product information quickly and efficiently? Our ETIM extension in inRiver PIM for construction and installation organisations offers the solution.

Customers will only place online orders if clear product information is available. Data quality is therefore very important. ETIM takes the product information in construction and installation organisations to a higher level and makes it easily exchangeable. ETIM classification compliance often still requires a lot of (manual) work. It is an error-prone and time-consuming process. The ETIM extension in inRiver PIM puts a stop to all that. It increases the quality of your data, avoids duplication of work and prevents incorrect orders.

ETIM-extension inRiver PIM

inRiver PIM is a Product Information Management platform that allows you to manage all product information in a certain environment and to share that information easily through different channels. Ctac has developed an extension in inRiver PIM to make it easier to comply with the ETIM standard. It will make your ETIM operations easier, faster and more efficient in one fell swoop. And there is no need to worry about ETIM updates, as the extension updates the classification adjustments fully automatically.

Benefits of the ETIM extension

  • No more manual work
  • Reduced input errors
  • Full dynamic classification support
  • iPMC compliant

Knowledge of ETIM and PIM

Ctac has a lot of experience with inRiver PIM integrations. Our unique ETIM extension has received an inRiver Marketplace award. This solution offers organisations a complete platform for product information management.

Ctac ETIM product classification extension


In this product sheet you will discover which features the ETIM extension has and which support Ctac offers.