The smartest factory

The smartest factory runs on the smartest cogs.

Rapid developments and major adjustments

Rapid technological developments and customers who increasingly take more decisions require radical changes in the manufacturing industry. Short lead times, customisation and personalisation are the new standards.

The smartest factory

It is becoming increasingly important to identify the customer's wishes at an early stage and then adapt the internal processes accordingly. Direct communication with customers accelerates product innovation. No company wants to be left behind, while competitors can be found the world over. Build your smartest factory based on the four pillars below:

Flawless cooperation with suppliers is becoming increasingly important

To meet the needs of demanding customers, companies have to collaborate seamlessly with their suppliers. This calls for a reliable production process that combines high quality with minimal waste. It also calls for a focus on service. Your challenge is to choose the right position and make the right decisions. However, you are not alone. What does your smartest factory look like?

The manufacturing industry is a strong sector that employs many people. In order to maintain this position, companies in manufacturing must continue to innovate. Companies in manufacturing benefit from digitalisation. IT offers many opportunities for a personal customer approach, fast delivery and product innovation. IT ensures vertical integration that effectively bridges the gap between the top floor (management) and the shop floor.

Solutions based on the smartest factory model

Ctac Manufacturing has everything it needs to find solutions to your problems. Our unique combination of market knowledge on the one hand and technological expertise on the other hand ensures excellent coordination between business and IT. We develop these solutions based on the smartest factory model, which covers all aspects of the production process, from product development to after-sales. The smartest factory is built on solid foundations. We work with you to lay the solid foundation for your smartest factory – a foundation that makes you agile and therefore resilient. As a result, you will exceed customer expectations, get a grip on your planning, purchase orders, actual costs, delivery reliability and stocks, monitor your company's margins and generate an optimal return.

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Vlog Machine Learning – Moving towards de smartest factory


It is becoming increasingly normal to give spoken instruction to your phone. Think about Apple Siri or Google Now. In my opinion, this are the perfect examples of machine learning.

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A day in the life of a production planner in a factory gives you insight in the new ways data will play a trasformating role in the planning process.