Shop Floor Control

The smartest factory is based on a seamless top floor to shop floor integration.

A start/stop process and firefighting

Your customers are increasingly expecting you to manufacture products to order. To exceed these expectations, you need a flexible and accurate manufacturing process. At many manufacturing companies, outdated planning overviews seem to be the rule rather than the exception, though.

Shop Floor Control in Manufacturing

Due to the lack of real-time information on the shop floor, people follow a start/stop process and regularly have to resort to firefighting. The risk of errors in the administrative process increases and overall equipment effectiveness, which reflects the productivity of the machines and production lines, is low. And all the while you want to produce as efficiently as possible for a good return. That is exactly why the integration between your machines and your back office is becoming more and more important.

Crucial real-time information on the shop floor

IT offers a solution for real-time information on the shop floor. It can make the work much more efficient, for example by allowing direct entries into the ERP system and by reducing the distance between top floor (management) and shop floor. Issues such as order data, drawings, work instructions, materials and hours are available digitally to all users regardless of the devices they are using. The paperless office ensures reliable data for production planning, reporting and KPI dashboards. This makes it possible to respond more effectively to changes in production schedules. The materials are available in sufficient quantities and ready production orders are communicated immediately. Real-time insights reduce the turnaround time and allow faster and more reliable deliveries. More transparency in the creative process provides the management with reliable information.

Seamless top floor to shop floor integration

Meet Ctac's Shop Floor Control. Our expertise, applications and cloud structure ensure a seamless top floor to shop floor integration. Time to say goodbye to time-consuming administration and a start/stop process. You welcome practices such as direct entry in ERP, the paperless office and real-time insights into the whole process. In a clear, device-independent way that is always reliable. That is Shop Floor Control.

Ctac's Shop Floor Control offers you real-time insights into your production data, which leads to the optimal use of your production time.

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