The flexible factory runs on a manageable and efficient service process.

Realise a good problem analysis

Imagine your customer calls you about a malfunction. Will you be able to perform a proper problem analysis straight away? Can you uncover the root cause quickly and efficiently?

Services in Manufacturing

Is all the relevant information, such as technical specifications and service contracts, clearly located in one place? Do you always send out a mechanic with the right skills, materials and equipment? If your answer to one of these questions is 'no', then there is work to be done. With the right tools and cloud applications, you really give the quality of your entire service process a boost. A more comprehensive and better understanding will allow you to increase your efficiency and reduce your costs. As a result, the quality of your service process will rise.

Service as an extension of your core business

In these times of customer centricity, companies no longer regard service as a 'dumping ground'. Service is increasingly seen as an extension of the core business. Offering an excellent service can even be a company's most significant distinguishing feature. This is also acknowledged more and more within the service concepts. The design of the service process is outside-in (the customer is the starting point), servitisation concepts are becoming more important (product as a service), and IoT and IloT offer new possibilities to achieve full integration of the service process with all other business processes and applications.

In the event of a breakdown or complaint, you will immediately know your customer's SLA type, installed base and history. You will be able to perform a correct analysis of the root cause of the failure or complaint and send out the right mechanic with the appropriate skills, materials and tools to your customer. The number of first-time fixes will shoot up and so will your customer satisfaction.

Application with advice and support

Services will be implemented based on best practices. Ctac will provide an application, of which the integration will take place in close cooperation based on standard integration scenarios with SAP ECC and with Ctac's advice and support, of course. A clear distribution of tasks and fixed functional scope will guarantee optimal results.

Ctac's Services will boost the quality of your service process and will therefore increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction considerably.

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