Master Data Management

The smartest factory runs on flawless data management.

Prevent failing data management

Your PLM and ERP systems may not be in sync, perhaps your sales prices have not been implemented everywhere, your product may be sold without CE approval or your local employees may not have the knowledge they need to market your new product.

Master Data Management in Manufacturing

Complete, reliable and timely data is more and more crucial for the proper execution of business processes and for making the right management decisions. For example, good data management is essential for product innovation and the marketing of new products. Good data management results in lower costs, higher profits and competitive advantages. Good data management is therefore a very important prerequisite for the smartest factory.

We can distinguish between four steps in Master Data Management:

  1. Inventory: create an inventory of all data elements and determine their ownership
  2. Design: define the (information) processes for areas such as New Product Introduction (NPI), product enhancements and determine the system modifications
  3. Change: pay sufficient attention to communication, training and documentation
  4. Systems: draw up a design brief and ensure selection and implementation

Manage with quality data

You are not alone. Ctac's Data Experts will ensure that all aspects of your data management's governance are covered. Together, we will ensure an optimal set-up of your processes and we will make the smartest choices in terms of tooling. This will allow you to manage your business with quality data. Your discussions can be based on figures, rather than be about the figures themselves. Because if you control your data, you can reduce your time-to-market and increase your profitability. Ctac's Data Experts will also support you in getting your PLM processes under control.

Ctac supports you in optimising Master Data Management, the key to increasing your profit.

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