Business Consultancy

The smartest factory operates based on a future-proof strategy.

Ad hoc solutions are not solutions

You want to continue to offer your customers the best possible service and increase your agility. However, the efficiency of your processes is flawed and the applications you use are outdated.

Business Consultancy in Manufacturing

The IT support of your business processes is insufficient and you do not generate enough reliable real-time information to adapt your business model properly. You want a future-proof policy rather than ad hoc solutions. But where do your priorities lie? How do you align your processes and applications? And which applications provide optimal support to your processes?

Future-proof: from strategy to business processes, systems and organisation

By applying your strategy to your business processes, systems and organisation, the necessary changes will become clear. Ctac's Business Consultants will help you in this regard. We do not think in terms of tools, but in terms of strategy, processes, architecture and organisation. We use workshops to outline and validate starting points and to challenge and motivate you. We work with you to determine your ideal application landscape and ascertain which systems will optimally facilitate your processes. This will result in a clear, feasible and workable roadmap that you can use immediately.

Ctac facilitates the change process and works with you to determine the roadmap towards your smartest factory.

DDMRP: Speed up your manufacturing process and significantly reduce your stock in five steps

Blog - 11 March 2019, Sander Vermeer, 4 min reading time

Do you predict product demand to optimally align your purchasing, stocks, production and deliveries? This blog will tell you why it is better to focus on the actual demand for your products and how you can respond to customer demand as quickly as possible without holding huge stocks.

Vlog Machine Learning – Moving towards de smartest factory


It is becoming increasingly normal to give spoken instruction to your phone. Think about Apple Siri or Google Now. In my opinion, this are the perfect examples of machine learning.