Supply Chain Optimisation

Order today, deliver tomorrow is now essential. This calls for a streamlined logistics process.

Achieve streamlined logistics processes

Production companies, wholesalers and retailers are increasingly shifting up the chain. Within that chain, the core focus is on the end customer. And if there's one thing the customer wants, it is speed.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Supply chain optimisation starts with smart management of incoming goods flows. Some products will not even be stored in your warehouse, but will instead be forwarded directly from the pallet to their new owner. Incoming trucks are sent to the right dock, and the goods are then smartly allocated (cross-docking). Other products may first be placed inside customised packaging or a different outer box before being shipped as usual. And some goods are stored temporarily before continuing their journey. The most successful retailers piece this complex puzzle together multiple times a day and maintain a perfect internal process that runs like clockwork both logistically and financially.

Overview of stock

Rapid, effective delivery requires a clear overview of all products. Successful wholesalers can monitor their entire inventory status in real time. They know exactly which products are in stock at suppliers, which are on the road, which products they have in stock themselves, and which products are on their way to the customer. The provision of additional services – such as product packaging or repackaging – is also becoming an increasingly essential part of what a wholesaler does.

Transport management

In the demand-driven supply chain, it is the customer who determines where and when you need to deliver. The choices you make in the field of transport are therefore becoming increasingly important. You may work with haulage companies, your own people and parcel delivery companies such as DHL and PostNL all at the same time. This results in a constant coming and going of drivers who all want to leave with the right cargo – and ideally with as little empty space as possible. The costs of all these journeys can easily add up, and wholesalers often struggle with the resulting complexity. After all, each transport provider offers its own services and pricing structures. We can help you deal with these issues efficiently based on insights into all aspects of the supply chain.

Ensure a streamlined process and transform every customer into a fan

In a world where everything centres on the end customer, wholesale companies need to fully understand and manage their customers' journeys – from exploring options, reaching a decision and making a purchase to product deliveries and returns. Customers expect their wholesale suppliers to deliver at lightning speed: the right products in the right configuration and in the right packaging.

We help wholesalers piece this puzzle together day after day. We offer clear advice, supporting services and smart solutions to any wholesaler that truly wants to put its customers first. For example, we have in-depth knowledge of SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) and of transport management solutions offered by companies such as TranspariX.  


The supply chain is increasingly important. SAP EWM gives you extensive control over all processes in and outside the warehouse. It gives you a better overview and allows you to reduce costs.

SAP Transportation Management (TM)

The final demand of your (potential) customers is central to the entire supply chain. That is why it is important that you have an understanding of each step of the supply and demand chain. But how should you deal with the complexity this creates in the chain?

Hospital Logistics Reference Story

Hospital Logistics offers hospitals and care centers a unique concept: it acts as the distribution center for all their consumer goods – from water and tea to sterile compresses. The assignment involves some rigorous commitments, such as fast and accurate picking, speedy deliveries and faultless traceability. When the company’s existing ERP system proved too limited to meet these needs, Ctac implemented Fit4Logistics.

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Your customer expects only one version of the truth


Can you paint an accurate picture of your customers, and do you have full control over your stock and supply chain? To do so, your business and IT must be perfectly aligned.

Recorded Webinar: How do I optimise my returns management?

Webinar Recording

The webinar recording will examine the problem areas of returns management and will explain how you can easily resolve them with Advanced Returns Management.