Customer Engagement

Only those wholesalers who put customers first are in a position to find and retain new buyers.

Put the customer first

Thanks to the transparency offered by the internet, customers are always aware of the best deals and can easily find an alternative supplier. In this new reality, customer engagement is crucial.

Customer Engagement

The ability to find, retain and surprise customers has become vitally important for wholesale companies. Organisations that are able to put the customer and the end customer at the very centre of all their processes are sitting on a gold mine. Discover the four conditions for customer retention.

Condition 1. Be Personal

Wholesalers with insight into and an understanding of their customers and prospects can approach them at the right time with relevant information, the right products, the right prices and the right offers.

Condition 2. Think Borderless

It is the customers themselves who determine when and how they come into contact with your wholesale business – both online and offline. That's why you should ensure a uniform customer experience across all touchpoints. This calls for a new approach: stop thinking in terms of channels and instead make sure the right information is available in all customer processes – from prices, offers and product descriptions to customer information.

Condition 3. Stay Connected

Wholesale companies have a huge amount of data at their disposal. This includes data from customer contacts, information from the warehouses and data from suppliers and customers. By collecting, filtering and analysing this data, it is possible to predict customer behaviour and make better purchasing decisions. The result? An optimal customer experience throughout the entire customer journey, and customer expectations that are surpassed time and time again.

Condition 4. Stay Connected

To meet the above three conditions, you need an integrated IT landscape in which systems can talk to each other effortlessly, and an organisation in which processes are streamlined and teams can collaborate. Business and IT alignment – in combination with a modular IT landscape that can facilitate real-time data exchange – increases manoeuvrability and makes wholesale companies even more customer-focused.

Continue to surprise your customers with Ctac

In a world where everything centres on the end customer, wholesale companies need to fully understand and manage their customers' journeys – from exploring options, reaching a decision and making a purchase to product deliveries and returns. Every step on that customer journey raises specific issues and challenges for wholesalers. Ctac helps wholesalers find the right answers. As a 'House of Wholesale', we offer clear advice, supporting services and smart solutions to any wholesaler that truly wants to put its customers first and exceed their expectations time and time again.

inRiver PIM

The modern Product Information Management-platform (PIM) from inRiver helps manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers streamline the complete purchasing process for their customers. Online, but also for catalogue and POS.

Whitepaper: Surprise in customer interactions

The how en why of Customer Engagement in Retail, Wholesale en Manufacturing.

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Can you paint an accurate picture of your customers, and do you have full control over your stock and supply chain? To do so, your business and IT must be perfectly aligned.