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Managing returns is more than just a logistical process. If you want to transform your customers into fans, you need to look at the return process in a much broader context.

After Sales

As wholesalers are increasingly delivering to end customers, these companies are now also having to deal with customers who ask questions, expect a good service and return products at will. But how can you do that effectively?

Return Management as a holistic process

Reverse logistics or return management has never been a very important part of the day-to-day work of wholesale firms. In the new reality, however, it has become an essential business process that plays an important role in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Keep on surprising your customers, even when they are returning a product

Customers who return products expect smooth processing and clarity about the return process, and they want to get their money back quickly. If they contact you about returns, they also expect a clear and unambiguous response letting them know the status of their returns. The return process thus not only affects the logistics side of your organisation, but also areas such as finance and service.

Transform customers who return products into fans

It is possible for wholesalers to create fans during this phase of the customer journey. They can do so by making the returns process as simple as possible for the customer and then ensuring that the financial processing is smooth and free of errors. After that, the returned products need to be put back into the inventory as quickly as possible.

That might sound simple, yet return processes can be rather complex. The returned goods need to be inspected. Are they fully intact? Are they undamaged? Are the products still in their original packaging? A host of different follow-up steps are then required based on the results of this inspection. This can vary from drawing up the necessary documents to determining the amount to be refunded to launching the logistical process and actually completing the financial processing. These different steps each fall under the responsibility of different people, and often lack a process owner.

Streamline your returns process

Failure to streamline your returns process will inevitably lead to irritation and high costs for customers and wholesalers alike. That's why we help wholesalers streamline their return processes and create satisfied consumers. We also combine this with a crystal-clear understanding of the margin ultimately achieved. This requires knowledge of and experience in optimising interrelated processes such as customer engagement, transport management, warehouse management and financial processing.

We can help wholesalers with all of these aspects. As a 'House of Wholesale', we offer clear advice, supporting services and smart solutions to any wholesaler that truly wants to put its customers first and exceed their expectations time and time again.


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Your customer expects only one version of the truth


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