Easier manufacturing in a lot size of one.

Switch from 'make to stock' to 'assemble to order'

Your customers expect customised products in a lot size of one. Are you able to create a unique product or a unique range of products based on customer specifications?

Lot Size of One

Modern customers expect you to provide customised products – whether they are companies or consumers. They want to be able to buy a unique product or a small series of products from you, which is made especially for them and is fully assembled and packaged according to their own specific needs and requirements. Manufacturing companies that are able to work in this way can assure themselves of satisfied, loyal customers.

This places substantial demands on your company. It is challenging to manufacture goods based on specific customer requirements. Large products series are very manageable and easy to optimise. Producing smaller batches means more frequent conversions, reduced efficiency, higher costs and a greater risk of error.

Manufacture custom products with Ctac

Do you want to switch from 'make to stock' to 'assemble to order' or 'configure to order'? Would you prefer a model that allows individual customers to fully personalise their product? If so, we will be happy to help. We help you to optimise your processes, set up your IT architecture and fine-tune your organisation, so you can easily handle manufacturing products in a lot size of one.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Manufacturing

Personalisation, an ageing workforce, the infinite possibilities of innovative technology, and the advent of servitisation – these are the trends that will determine the future of the manufacturing industry.

DDMRP: Speed up your manufacturing process and significantly reduce your stock in five steps

Blog - 11 March 2019, Sander Vermeer, 4 min reading time

Do you predict product demand to optimally align your purchasing, stocks, production and deliveries? This blog will tell you why it is better to focus on the actual demand for your products and how you can respond to customer demand as quickly as possible without holding huge stocks.

Your customers expect a personal approach


Do you know your customer through and through? Do you know his favourite colour or hobby? A personal approach can really help attract customers to your business.