Warehouse Management

You want to meet customer expectations as much as possible, regardless of the channel you are serving them through.

Your customers expect clear information about delivery times and availability

You want to meet customer expectations as much as possible, regardless of the channel you are serving them through. That means you need to be in full control of your inventory and stock levels.

Warehouse Management

Products are constantly on the move. They move along the chain, through your warehouses, and out to branches. Only when you have a complete picture of the exact location of all your products – and thus of the status of your inventory – can you make well-founded promises to your customers. Whether this means accurate delivery times or availability in other stores, everything depends on having a clear picture of your warehouse.

Where are your products located in the chain? Where are the products located in your organisation? You also need to be able to respond directly to customer requirements.

Respond swiftly to change

It's one thing to have an overview of your stock levels; it is quite another to be able to quickly and easily respond to requests and changes during the course of the day. The more flexible your warehouse processes are, the easier it will be to respond to everything that happens in your company throughout the day.

You need a reliable and – if possible – real-time overview of your stock and of the processes taking place in your warehouses. That means you need a powerful Warehouse Management system to serve as a foundation. But that's not all. This system needs to be seamlessly integrated with your order, POS, returns and transport systems. We have extensive experience in advising and implementing Warehouse Management and Transport Management at leading retail companies. Our experts help you to seize the reins and design both your organisation and your IT landscape, so that you are able to serve customers as effectively as possible and uphold your service guarantee.


A complete retail solution that supports your back office and all your shopping processes in an integrated way. Fit4Retail is based on the best practices from your industry and contains all the functionalities that SME retailers want.


The supply chain is increasingly important. SAP EWM gives you extensive control over all processes in and outside the warehouse. It gives you a better overview and allows you to reduce costs.

Checklist: 10 questions about Demand-Driven Warehouses

This checklist determines whether your company has a demand-driven warehouse. Answer the 10 questions and find out whether your company’s distribution centre is properly (optimally) equipped.

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Your customer expects only one version of the truth


Can you paint an accurate picture of your customers, and do you have full control over your stock and supply chain? To do so, your business and IT must be perfectly aligned.