Throughout the years and based on concrete customer cases, Ctac has built business and IT expertise in different branches. Our teams excel in their knowledge about our customers and their processes.



The challenges faced by retailers are increasing every day. The world is becoming more and more digital, making it increasingly smaller and more transparent.

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Producers and end customers are able to find each other with an increasing degree of ease. As a result, the boundaries between retail and wholesale are becoming blurred. If wholesalers respond well to this new reality, they will be able to turn customers into fans.

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Successful manufacturing companies are those who can respond rapidly to changing customer requirements. At the same time, they stay in control of schedules, purchase orders, price adjustments, delivery reliability and inventories. They monitor their margins and generate optimal returns. How do they do it? By creating an ideal factory.

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Real Estate}

Real Estate

The real estate industry is changing. The cloud, big data, IoT, demographics shifts, urbanisation…what impact are these developments having on the sector? Make sure your are ready to face the future.

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