Digital Innovation Journey

Ctac's Digital Innovation Journey helps companies make technological innovation with ICT tangible and create a culture of innovation.

From idea to innovation in six steps

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Predictive Analytics, Cloud Computing... You frequently hear all kinds of promising technologies being mentioned. These technologies allow for processes, products, services and business models that for many years appeared unthinkable. Innovating based on these developments is crucial for any company wanting to stay ahead.

Technological innovation

With our Digital Innovation Journey, we help organisations explore the possibilities and added value of new technologies in a structured way. We also take integration with existing (ERP) processes into account. We do this using a process of proven success, in several stages.

First and foremost, we provide inspiration and generate plenty of new, fresh ideas together with your team. We then translate the best idea into practice and develop a proof of concept. These needn't be major, extensive projects. In fact: we believe that initially, innovations are best kept minor, affordable and manageable. The results are immediately visible and also provide feedback for any further steps. Does the idea work? If so, you keep going and implement the innovation.

To technological innovation in six steps 

Ctac's Digital Innovation Journey consists of six concrete steps. During these six steps you will benefit from our experience in guiding innovative design processes, our in-depth industry knowledge and our experience with new technologies. To get the most out of the Digital Innovation Journey, you can create an innovation team of about six to eight people from your organisation. Depending on the knowledge required at each individual stage, the appropriate Ctac experts will join in to guide your team forwards.

Step 1 – Inspire
At this initial stage, anything is still possible. We kick-start your innovation. Your team quickly becomes acquainted with a wide variety of new technologies and their application in practice. On completion of this stage, the team has gained lots of ideas and inspiration.

Step 2 – Explore
How can those technologies with which the team became acquainted during the first stage add value to the organisation? First, the team generates an amazing number of ideas to then select the most viable. On completion of this step you have a few concrete, innovative ideas and one specific idea on which to work during the next stage.

Step 3 – Discover
During this step, we translate the selected idea into practice. We explore the innovation potential of the idea along three axes. These three axes are desirability, feasibility and viability. Will your colleagues, suppliers or customers actually welcome this solution? Does the solution enhance your business? And is it technically feasible? The most valuable solutions are located where these three axes meet.

Step 4 – Design
Together with the innovation team, we design the solution. During a Design Thinking workshop, we employ a practical approach to determine what the solution will look like, step by step. On completion of this stage, it is clear what must be built.

Step 5 – Deliver
Based on all the input from the previous stages, Ctac's experts develop the application and provide a fully functional prototype of the solution for you to test on a limited scale.

Step 6 – Solution Adoption
Finally, we help you to create the final end product, including a thorough implementation of the new solution within your organisation. In doing so, we don't just consider the tools, but also the processes and people. On completion of this stage, your organisation has successfully embraced the innovation, and it can be included as a standard element of your business operations.

Customisation possible
Do you initially only want to develop a catchy idea? Or do you want to develop a proof of concept based on existing ideas? We are happy to help you with these as well. Depending on your wishes, we can put together a tailor-made Digital Innovation Journey. Contact us to start your journey.


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Ctac and SAP develop together an innovative solution


In the SAP Mobile Innovation Lab, SAP developed together with Ctac an innovative solution for Audax, based on data analyses, predictive analytics and clustering in order to get the right magazine to the right store at the right time.

Two pager Digital Innovation Journey

Two pager

Ctac’s Digital Innovation Journey helps companies to create a culture of innovation. Find out how you can identify, develop and implement measures for modernisation in six clear steps.