User Adoption

Get off to a flying start by working and communicating smarter. With Ctac's tried-and-tested user adoption methods, you can ensure streamlined adoption of your business productivity solutions.

Optimal user adoption with Ctac

Together with you, Ctac ensures a high adoption rate for the modern workplace within your organisation We come up with business scenarios that increase the success of your modern workplace while delivering functionalities step by step in short-term projects. Using these quick wins, we generate enthusiasm among your employees and lay the foundations for the next steps.

Adoption accelerators

When you invest in new software, you want your colleagues to benefit from their new modern workplace as fast as possible. The better organisations are able to apply the benefits to daily activities, the more seriously users are likely to make the applications a fundamental part of their daily lives. How do we do that?

ProSci Impact Index - Change management

Specialised and certified in applying the Prosci ADKAR Model for change management, Ctac uses this scientific standard to draw up an impact analysis of the switch to a modern workplace for your employees. We make sure that your employees are prepared, that they have the right resources available and that they feel supported so that they can quickly adapt to – and adopt – the modern workplace.

Expand and retain knowledge

You know the story. You have a specific question about how to perform an action within an application, but the internet only offers generic solutions that are not tailored to your specific situation. Thanks to our modern approach for your modern workplace, that's a thing of the past. With SAP Enable Now, you can quickly and easily find answers to your questions within the context of your own work situation.  You can do this by making existing or new materials available yourself, whether it's through a library with e-learning courses, simulations, work instructions, quick reference cards or how-to videos. An added benefit is that the high costs associated with conventional training methods are kept to a minimum.

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Route365 Cooker Session: Getting started with Office 365

Find out how to get your modern workplace up and running with Ctac's Route365 Cooker Session. Together with your colleagues, we list the challenges your organisation is facing and discuss the opportunities offered by a modern workplace. We explore where your organisation is at, how your employees prefer to work together and where the technology comes in. You will then be able to familiarise yourself with the opportunities offered by Office 365 and Microsoft 365 using attractive examples.

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Microsoft Teams

Create intranet environments for your teams or temporary projects, and provide each environment with relevant information and applications. And work seamlessly with people both within and outside your organisation.


Breng uw meest relevante applicaties, berichten en agenda-informatie overzichtelijk samen in iConnect: de startpagina van uw moderne werkplek die volledig is afgestemd op de behoeftes van uw medewerkers.

Route365 Cooker Session

Get off to a flying start with Office 365 or Microsoft 365. This product is the starting point for secure and smart digital working using Microsoft 365 in its entirety or Office 365 in particular. Discover your needs and the opportunities offered by the Microsoft technology.

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Microsoft Teams, your digital Swiss army knife. But do you really need it?

Blog - 9 March 2020, Sander de Jong, 3 min reading time

Microsoft Teams is amazingly popular. At the end of last year, the collaboration platform had already attracted 20 million active daily users. According to Sander de Jong, this popularity is partly justified, but sometimes going for a different product may be the smart option.

Infographic: A quick guide Microsoft 365 Business


Microsoft 365 Business: Take the next step with integraded security, managing and productivity solutions for your business.