The Smart Workplace

A smart workplace for mobile employees. The right mix of applications and information in a well-integrated, smart environment based on the user’s role.

The Smart Workplace

Employees have an increasing amount of information and channels available to them, making it hard to maintain an overview and find the correct and relevant information quickly. People therefore lose lots of time searching for the right information, reducing the time your employees spend creating value for your organisation.

The Smart Workplace: Relevant information, at the right time

You sometimes find yourself wasting unnecessary time finding the right (and relevant) information – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Yet a smart workplace makes relevant information available at a glance, meaning employees always have the latest information to hand at all times, wherever they are. A smart workplace provides the most relevant information based on an employee's role, location and current activities, saving your employees valuable time. 

A good modern workplace offers various tools that support your business processes and improve the collaboration between colleagues and external parties. Files are synchronised automatically in real time and the workplace offers many options for version management as well as the reliability and sharing of information. 

Create your own Smart Workplace

The right mix of applications and information in a well-integrated, smart environment is essential in a smart workplace. We help you to create your own smart workplace using iConnect, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365.


Get the most out of your smart workplace by using iConnect, Ctac's tailor-made homepage for your modern workplace. A special layer on top of your digital workspace that offers easier navigation, iConnect enables you to bring together the applications, messages and calendar data that are most relevant for you in a personalised environment. You can then be sure that your employees have the most important applications at their fingertips.
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Microsoft Teams

Create intranet environments for your teams or temporary working groups, and provide each environment with relevant information and applications. With Microsoft Teams, you can share your work and collaborate with people both within and outside your organisation across a digital channel with ease. You can also organise your projects and teams so that each user has the required information to hand.
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Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 consists of cloud-based versions of your trusted Microsoft software applications for knowledge sharing and collaboration within your organisation, giving you access to your trusted software for e-mail, communications and collaboration any time, wherever you are. 
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Route365 Cooker Session: Getting started with Office 365

If you're keen to know how you can get started with Office365 and its applications, you can find out how to get your smart workplace up and running with Ctac's Route365 Cooker Session.  Together with your colleagues, we list the challenges your organisation is facing, draw up business scenarios and discuss the opportunities offered by a smart workplace. We explore where your organisation is at, how your employees prefer to work together and where the technology comes in.
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Breng uw meest relevante applicaties, berichten en agenda-informatie overzichtelijk samen in iConnect: de startpagina van uw moderne werkplek die volledig is afgestemd op de behoeftes van uw medewerkers.

Microsoft Teams

Create intranet environments for your teams or temporary projects, and provide each environment with relevant information and applications. And work seamlessly with people both within and outside your organisation.

Route365 Cooker Session

Get off to a flying start with Office 365 or Microsoft 365. This product is the starting point for secure and smart digital working using Microsoft 365 in its entirety or Office 365 in particular. Discover your needs and the opportunities offered by the Microsoft technology.

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Microsoft Teams, your digital Swiss army knife. But do you really need it?

Blog - 9 March 2020, Sander de Jong, 3 min reading time

Microsoft Teams is amazingly popular. At the end of last year, the collaboration platform had already attracted 20 million active daily users. According to Sander de Jong, this popularity is partly justified, but sometimes going for a different product may be the smart option.

Infographic: A quick guide Microsoft 365 Business


Microsoft 365 Business: Take the next step with integraded security, managing and productivity solutions for your business.