Software Asset Management

Get a greater return on your software investment by taking an intelligent look at processes, functionalities and human resources.

In today's digital era, subscriptions based on the number of systems or users have become the norm. Examples include HR, CRM and analytics applications that aim to support processes and users as well as possible in order to achieve better results.

Software Asset Management

Keeping track of your licenses 

Although subscriptions offer convenience and flexibility, as a company you need to stay in control of your investments and ensure they are profitable. Which options do your applications offer? Where do you stand in terms of legislative compliance? And how do you ensure that you don't just have the right subscription, but also the right number of subscriptions? Ctac can help you get the most out of your software.

Three ways to optimise 

Software asset management (SAM) offers insight into the amounts you've invested in applications and your current subscriptions, providing you with an overview and control of your investments. This enables you to achieve the greatest returns at the lowest possible risk. Ctac's software asset management focuses on the following three elements:

  1. Improving your processes
  2. Analysing your compliance
  3. Encouraging application usage among your employees

Tailored to your organisation 

We offer you a tailor-made plan to fit your organisation's roadmap. Ctac can gain you insight into your application landscape and subscriptions. What's more, we'll explore to what extent you make use of available functionalities and evaluate your compliance, making sure you are on the right track. We can also offer structural support, tailoring your application landscape to your current situation.

Based on our years of expertise and experience, we know what questions to ask to determine where the solution lies. To that end, we have developed various services to help you gain better control of your investments. For example, we offer a quick process analysis and improvement session. We also offer various assessments, scans and cooker sessions to make sure your work is carried out in complete compliance or to encourage users to adopt applications more fully.

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