Winshuttle makes managing SAP data and handling SAP processes much easier.


Winshuttle allows you to transform the way your organisation works. With powerful workflow-enabled processes and smart automation, it turns everyday SAP users into power users. This allows them to guarantee data quality like never before, streamline projects and continuously improve processes. It also gives your employees more time for their core tasks. Ctac is proud to be the exclusive partner of Winshuttle in Belgium.

Working with SAP has never been so easy

If rigid, expensive and inefficient internal processes are making it difficult for you to meet the ever-changing market demands, the solution is Winshuttle. Winshuttle makes managing SAP data and handling SAP processes easier than ever. More than 2,000 Winshuttle customers worldwide have now radically accelerated their SAP processes this way to save a great deal of time and money.

Streamline your processes without a single line of code

Ctac is the exclusive partner of Winshuttle in Belgium. Together we offer software solutions that make your SAP handling far easier without a single line of code. The possibilities of Winshuttle are endless. Some examples are bulk uploads of master and transactional data in SAP from simple interfaces such as Excel, real-time data downloads from SAP at the touch of a button from Excel, the automation of SAP processes with forms and workflows through integration with SharePoint. With Winshuttle, you can also allow external employees and partners to submit their SAP data with an offline interface. Winshuttle solutions all work with SAP modules.

Achieve your ambitions with Winshuttle

Experience the convenience Winshuttle offers you. Immediately see the ROI for your organisation. With the help of Winshuttle, we will help you achieve your ambitions. About 70 Dutch customers have done so already. Ctac has been a strategic reseller of Winshuttle since 2009 and is therefore co-responsible for implementation, support, training and related activities.

Winshuttle Products

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Winshuttle ROI Calculator

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Ctac regularly organises practical training courses on the use of various Winshuttle products. If you are interested in a Winshuttle training course, register for Winshuttle Transaction Training.


Winshuttle User Group

The Winshuttle User Group (WUG) is a community of Winshuttle users who join together to learn from each other, solve problems, and exchange best practices and new ideas.

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Winshuttle Build Data Management Program

Practical tips for creating and developing a data program that makes a lasting impact.

Winshuttle ROI Calculator

The Winshuttle ROI calculator is intended to provide an estimate of the savings and ROI a company could generate from an investment in Winshuttle technologies.