SAP Transportation Management (TM)

Keep an eye on your margins and efficiently manage the wide range of carriers, approaches and associated pricing structures.

SAP Transportation Management

The final demand of your (potential) customers is central to the entire supply chain. That is why it is important that you have an understanding of each step of the supply and demand chain. But how should you deal with the complexity this creates in the chain? There are plenty of possible approaches and carriers, each offering different services and associated price structures. You want to manage this efficiently and still keep an eye on your margins.

Market changes such as digitalisation and e-commerce require you to have a flexible and scalable solution, regardless of whether you work in purchasing, operations or finance. Gain insights into all aspects of the supply chain, such as a good or poor performance by your transporters, factory, country, cost centre, at material or customer level.

Assess your carriers' performance

  • Purchasing arrangements such as contract duration and validity
  • Contractual delivery times (KPIs)
  • View invoicing and surcharge errors
  • Identify the number of shipments with a problem

You can continuously collect and analyse a lot of data to improve both your operational and financial performance at order, delivery, shipment or material level. This achieves more transparency in your inbound and outbound processes.

Achieve an efficient supply chain

SAP's Transport Management systems allow you to achieve an efficient supply chain. It supports you in seven processes and raises your logistics to a higher level:

  • Pick-up and shipping orders (Delivery of Order)
  • Carrier selection: select the most suitable carrier based on static and/or dynamic business rules
  • Transport order (TO): as soon as the optimal transport method and carrier have been selected, the shipping agent is electronically notified when and where the shipment is to be collected and delivered.
  • Barcode labels: print labels quickly, in very high volumes and in any format you wish
  • Control Tower: insights into both events and non-events at every step of the shipping process. You will receive all the status updates and you can track and trace your shipment at any time. You will also receive a notification for missed but expected transport-critical scans in the distribution network
  • Proof of Delivery (POD): you will receive a proof of delivery. If you wish, this will include the recipient's name and signature
  • Invoice Matching: compare each line and surcharge on the invoices with the costs that were calculated in advance. Deviations beyond your pre-set limits are achieved in accordance with the values that were set by your organisation