SAP Promotion Management

Reach customers more and more often with SAP's store promotion software

SAP Promotion Management

Plan and manage effective sales promotions with SAP Promotion Management for Retail. This software automates promotional processes for marketing purposes and merchandising. SAP Promotion Management also helps you to create multi-channel offers so that you can reach new and existing customers. Optimise promotional prices, predict profit offers and refine your overall retail marketing strategy.

Why SAP Promotion Management for Retail?

SAP Promotion Management helps you to personalise offers based on the preferences of your customers and prospects. This will encourage your sales and customer loyalty. Automate retail and promotional management processes, improve the collaboration between your departments and improve the management of the sales channels and suppliers.

  • Audience targeting: create multiple versions of marketing and merchandise offers to target certain shops and products
  • Reach customers on all channels with different promotion strategies
  • Predict the expected performance of promotions and manage your promotion budget efficiently
  • Bring together merchandisers and marketers on a common platform to comprehensively manage the pricing and content
  • Enable collaboration between the marketing, merchandising, advertising and financial teams to accelerate the planning and execution of your promotional activities

Ctac as an implementation partner of SAP Promotion Management

Ctac is an SAP Platinum Partner with in-depth expertise on the SAP Promotion Management. To find out more about the SAP Promotion Management product and the implementation options, feel free to get in touch with us.