Master Data Governance

Centralise data and manage your master data's life cycle to increase the quality and consistency of your organisation's information.

Master Data Governance

Get an unambiguous view and ensure a reliable presentation of your data. Then focus on digital, analytical and operational challenges. Simplify your company's data management, increase the accuracy of your data and reduce your total cost of ownership with one solution. Master Data Governance enables consolidation and central control.

  • On-site or private cloud implementation
  • Support for all master data domains and implementation styles
  • Pre-built data models, business rules, workflows and user interfaces
  • Use hybrid landscapes of both SAP and non-SAP systems

What are the advantages of Master Data Governance?

  • Encourage data consistency in your organisation: consolidate and manage master data across your organisation. Or have your data exchanged and opened in SAP or non-SAP systems, on location or in the cloud.
  • Accelerate the deployment and implementation of business operations: use pre-built data models, business rules, workflows and user interfaces to quickly perform tasks such as financial consolidation, customer service and supplier onboarding.
  • Reduce the costs of owning data: Master Data Governance supports all your master data in a single application. You can also implement it on-site, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

Ctac as your Master Data Governance implementation partner

Ctac has in-depth Master Data Governance expertise. To find out more about Master Data Governance and the implementation options, feel free to get in touch with us.

Introduction SAP Master Data Governance


This video describes the impact of bad master data in an organisation and shows how SAP Master Data Governance can help you gain and keep clean data.