SAP Marketing Cloud

Approach your customers and prospects with information that is personal and relevant, at every occasion.

SAP Marketing Cloud

People are intuitive. You meet your customer in the shop, on the phone or during a customer visit and you respond to the signals you receive immediately. You present some proposals and recommendations, you make an additional offer or perhaps you use the right incentive to convince the customer of a purchase. You could not afford to miss this opportunity. But how often do you get that chance?

SAP Marketing Cloud

Companies have invested heavily in digital solutions to attract, convert and retain customers, but these solutions fail to deliver the same personal finesse that human interactions offer. Humans, on their part, are unable to analyse all the data generated by customers during human interaction. However, customers do expect a personally relevant approach each time they are in contact with the company on any device, in any physical location and in real time, with information that meets their needs.

Ctac helps you to deliver personal and relevant content at all times with SAP Hybris Marketing.

SAP Marketing Cloud analyses each customer in all channels to identify each contact opportunity, including previous purchases, implicit purchase signals observed during recent browsing sessions or social media comments about your product or brand. Hybris Marketing delivers so-called golden records based on this real-time customer context. This information can be used to provide the right content at the right time – or not! (Think of advertisements for a hotel you just booked.) This encourages loyalty and realises growth. SAP Hybris Marketing is also the solution for quick and flexible marketing.

Functionalities SAP Marketing Cloud

  • Marketing Data Management
  • Segmentation
  • Recommendations
  • Campaigns
  • Loyalty
  • Conversion
  • Planning & Budget
  • Insight
Webinar Recording: The value of segmentation

Get to know your customer: The value of segmentation.

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Discover how Retailer Patricia Pepe created an improved online shopping experience with SAP Marketing Cloud.

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SAP Marketing Cloud brings tools together, so you can understand your customers better and involve them. In realtime and on all channels, like never before.