SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C)

Always have all your customer information to your disposal, like interactions, purchased products, sales opportunities, open tickets or installations.

The main focus is on customer centricity nowadays. We used to provide a CRM package for the optimal registration of all customer information. But is a CRM package sufficiently future-proof? It is time to move forward.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C)

The SAP IT environment is changing considerably. Soon there will no longer be a CRM to register information. Instead, cloud-based tooling will look further and focus on the business process. Many companies make optimal use of a CRM to keep track of all customer interactions. This always allows the entire organisation to benefit from all information on one central platform. However, will keeping track of interactions and documents be sufficient in the future?

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer takes things one step further

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer takes things one step further. It is all about developing a so-called golden record for each customer. This means that we create the best possible picture of each customer (a 360-degree view) for more insight into the customer's status. This results in better and faster information and decision-making, which improve the service to customers.

SAP Hybris C4C is characterised as a cloud application because it achieves high productivity. There is a business intelligence component for integrated reporting, dashboard tooling and workflows. Integrated channel control with telephony, email and social media ensures that the software is flexible and always accessible thanks to the powerful mobile solution and C4C app. Finally, C4C is characterised by its integration with an ERP system for further logistical and financial follow-up.

It is easy to outline both sales and service processes in this IT landscape. Combined with full mobile integration, it increases employee productivity. This is because everyone has continuous access to the customer's information, including interactions, previously purchased products, sales opportunities, open tickets and active installations. SAP Hybris therefore supports the entire sales process from opportunity to quotation to order and subsequent service processes.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Sales

The SAP Hybris C4C Sales component focuses on the organisation's sales process. It allows people to create sales opportunities for existing and new accounts, which then evolve into quotations, orders and invoices. This allows the development of a pipeline, which makes it possible to make an effective forecast at both customer and collective level. Leads are no longer lost and offer real opportunities.

SAP Hybris Sales is also characterised by functionalities such as visit planning, account planning and activity management. This always keeps each employee up to date on the customer status and activities and allows an efficient plan to be drawn up. Finally, C4C Sales also includes a price component in order to strategically adjust your pricing. SAP Hybris C4C Sales goes beyond CRM.

​SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Service

As service has increasingly become a core process in many organisations, it is now important to know which products are at the customer site, which problems have been resolved in the past, which materials are required and so on. It is therefore important to get in touch with your customer and organise service visits at the right times. SAP Hybris C4C Service responds effectively to these requirements in order to offer the customer the best possible service.

This application offers each employee constant (mobile) access to all customer information for service appointments and it allows optimal planning for the distribution of work distribution. Maintenance appointments are scheduled and a plan is set up based on incoming tickets. The service component uses a ticket system for the customer, including SLAs and proactive field information for the external service. The application also has call centre and self-service functionalities. This means that the customers' needs are always met as much as possible.

Employees also receive internal facilities. They get a complete overview of service reports, including management status, escalations and routing within the organisation. Employees can be linked to tickets on a graphical planning board for simple but effective resource planning.


Optimise customer engagement in retail, wholesale and manufacturing.

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