Analyse your data in real time at the speed of light. Respond proactively and immediately to developments in the market and your organisation.


Companies and organisations are collecting more and more data, which is crucial in order to respond to the world around them. Speed is ever more important, too, as the world is rapidly changing. What is new today may already be old hat tomorrow. You therefore want to be able to look ahead to be better prepared for the future.

In-memory computing

Ctac helps you with SAP's in-memory technology. SAP High-Performance Analytical Appliance (HANA) allows you to analyse large amounts of data in real time. SAP HANA offers a basis for the development of new applications and the redevelopment of existing applications as well. Technology also plays a role in the simplification of IT architecture by reducing the number of unnecessary layers in the database and by allowing users to build their own applications.

Rapid analysis

With SAP  HANA, you can analyse your data in real time at the speed of light. On-the-fly reporting is possible. Thanks to super-fast analysis, you can respond proactively to developments. You can close within a day, month or quarter and you can analyse a million receipts in no time to ascertain any trends. You know your stock levels and locations at all times. You are ready for the cloud. In a nutshell: you are ready for the future.

SAP HANA readiness scan and workshops

Ctac offers the SAP HANA readiness scan to customers who are interested in switching. This also involves the preparation of a business case for migration to the HANA platform. Ctac also organises workshops in which it shares its HANA best practices with customers.

How SAP HANA – and Ctac – help Soudal making their company futureproof

The Soudal-group is a global market leader in sealants, PU foams and glue. What is the secrete behind decades of success? Innovation sits already for more than 50 years in their DNA.

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