SAP Fiori

Give your employees access to the full power of your system with a personalised screen and intuitive apps.

SAP Fiori, a user-friendly app

Unlock SAP for your entire organisation in a user-friendly way. Fiori gives your employees access to the full power of your system with a selection of intuitive apps. The apps can be adapted to your business and you determine the access level of each employee. With Ctac's help, implementing Fiori is easy – we analyse your company and adapt Fiori to your requirements. Present Fiori with your own corporate identity and create new, custom-made apps. Fiori makes SAP more user-friendly and flexible than ever.

SAP Fiori makes SAP accessible

SAP Fiori consists of a suite of apps. It offers the precise features users need based on user roles. Some examples are time registration, travel expense declarations and purchase orders. This clear simplicity immediately makes your system accessible to a much larger user group.

Apps and SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is highly customisable based on your preferences. This applies to both the layout and operation of existing apps. You can even develop your own apps.

Ctac User Experience Scan

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Free demo: SAP Fiori


Discover the new face of SAP-software with the SAP Fiori user experience. Try it for free and discover what SAP Fiori can mean for you.

What is SAP Fiori?


SAP Fiori is the new user experience for SAP-software in your whole organisation. In this video, SAP Fiori gets explained and gets told which added value it can have for your organisation.