SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR)

Collect multi-channel customer and POS data for analyses. Gain real-time insights into your sales and stocks.

SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository)

As a retailer, you want to collect and process real-time data on your sales and supply management. SAP CAR collects, integrates and centralises all customer information that you gather via your sales channels (both online and offline). This allows you to optimise your supply management and logistics processes and get a better grip on demand forecasting.

The data in SAP CAR is available in real time and therefore gives you instantaneous insights into all sales and stock changes. Gain real-time insights into changes in order to better respond to huge peaks and troughs in sales, for example. This makes it easier to anticipate huge or rather disappointing sales.


SAP CAR seamlessly collects retail data across multiple applications, channels and platforms and prepares useful analyses. Take advantage of the SAP HANA in-memory technology for real-time insights into stocks, POS data transfer, sales analysis and demand forecasting.

  • Collect and centralise your customer and point-of-sale (POS) data in real time.
  • Optimise your inventory: respond to significant rises and falls.
  • Improve your shopping experience, processes and decisions by accurately predicting customer demand.
  • Use customer insights for more effective promotions, product ranges and personalised marketing.
  • Avoid inconsistent data in different systems and simplify your IT landscape with one unified system.

Successful SAP CAR implementation

As a Business & Cloud integrator, we support retail and wholesale organisations in order to adopt a smart approach to their business processes, applications and information flows. With SAP CAR, we help you to fully unlock the power of data. Ctac will be happy to assist you in the successful implementation of this solution, which will allow you to respond to changing customer wishes and needs directly at all levels of the organisation.