Get a complete grip on your food product stocks, promotions and sales with the pre-designed ERP retail environment for the food industry.

Complete grip on food products

The quality of food retailers largely depends on their product range. Retailers who always offer fresh, tasty food can distinguish themselves from the competition. However, nothing is more transient than food. The powerful Fit4Food business software for food retailers allows you to stay in control of your food products.


Fresh and in stock. Those are two important factors for retailers in the food sector. If some products are unavailable or have gone off, your customers may decide to look elsewhere. To make sure you always offer fresh, tasty goods, it is crucial to have a complete view of the business operations for your food products.

Pre-designed ERP retail environment for the food industry

To guarantee this, we have built Fit4Food: a powerful, all-embracing solution that offers insights into your entire business operation. The solution offers a focused ERP retail environment for the food industry based on the best practices of many food retailers in combination with the experience and knowledge of our Ctac consultants.

One reality, one location

Fit4Food has been fully certified by SAP. The software links local stock management with the central purchasing, inventory and financial systems. This allows you to create one reality that is managed in one location. This drastically reduces your risk of administrative errors. At the same time, it ensures that the oldest items are first in line (First Expired, First Out). Fit4Food also supports each transaction in a fully integrated way: from Bonus Handling and promotion and pricing strategies to Sales Order Management.

Fit4Food benefits

  • Unequivocal insights into stocks across all channels.
  • Unequivocal data management across all channels.
  • Optimal promotion management.
  • More satisfied and loyal customers.
  • Upselling opportunities.
  • Greater flexibility.
  • Avoid having to turn down business.
  • Correct stock levels.
  • Better logistics management.

Key feature: automatic product replenishment

It is essential to have the automatic product replenishment of your shop and the distribution centre tailored to your suppliers' schedule. It ensures you know exactly which products to order at what time and in what quantities. The built-in cross-dock and flow-through process support allows you to transport the ordered goods directly to the shop(s), This avoids storage of the food products. It is a faster process and reduces your use of warehouse space. Fit4Food will give you unprecedented control over the process. This is no luxury in an industry dealing with perishable goods and changing legislation.