Nothing changes as fast as fashion. Fashion companies that respond well to change use this dynamic to distinguish themselves from the competition.

A powerful business system for ambitious fashion companies

Permanent change is perhaps the most important characteristic of the fashion industry. The collections are not the only thing that is constantly changing. Your buyers, customers and the world around you are also permanently in motion. With Fit4Fashion, a powerful all-encompassing business system for fashion companies, you can turn change into your biggest strength.


Fashion companies are used to change. Fashion businesses that constantly keep their finger on the market's pulse know better than anyone what consumers need and adapt their processes accordingly without any problems. Yet even the most streamlined fashion companies are finding it harder and harder to keep up. One of the reasons is that customers are becoming increasingly demanding and want to be surprised with new products each month or even each week. Another is that online has now become the primary sales channel, which also comes with numerous new challenges.

A solution for all processes

In order to welcome these and other developments, we have built a powerful, comprehensive solution for fashion companies. Small and large fashion companies can use Fit4Fashion to cover all essential aspects of their business. This may vary from wholesale, retail and eCommerce to purchasing, logistics and inventory management.

Whether you need Merchandise & Assortment Planning, Open to Buy, Tracking & Tracing of purchase orders or management reports, Ctac Fit4Fashion contains all the functionalities a fashion retailer like you needs to manage your commercial, logistics and financial processes in an integrated way. With Fit4Fashion, you can reduce your response time and always serve your customers with the right products and the best experience, both online and offline.

Pre-designed ERP retail environment

Fit4Fashion has been fully certified by SAP. This system provides a pre-designed ERP Retail environment enriched with specific functionalities and best practices for retail organisations in the fashion industry.


  • Unequivocal insights into stocks across all channels
  • Unequivocal data management across all channels
  • Fewer returns
  • Satisfied customers
  • A clear understanding and control of the entire chain, from design to production
  • Higher quality
  • Greater flexibility
  • Reliable delivery times
  • Correct stock levels
  • Better margins
  • Plug & play connection with business partners

In-depth industry knowledge

In Fit4Fashion, our in-depth experience with the fashion industry really comes into its own. Pre-packaging, colour and size charts, redistribution: Fit4Fashion is specifically designed for these standard concepts to make your work effortless. That is why Fit4Fashion offers an 80 percent fit as standard. For the remaining 20 percent, we have developed smart add-ons to really make the system your own. You are configured to the fashion industry at micro level, with a scalable solution that streamlines your business, saves costs and takes no time at all to implement.