XV Retail

Interconnect your existing channels and make them clearer and more powerful than ever before with XV Retail, a state-of-the-art retail solution for Food and Non-Food retailers in Europe.

XV Retail POS cash register system

The retail market is changing rapidly, and the boundaries between online and offline are disappearing. Customers are critical and expect multiple channels to be integrated seamlessly. Convenience and speed are becoming increasingly important in the buying process of consumers.

XV Retail POS cash register system

Stay one step ahead of the competition with XV Retail

XV Retail is a retail solution for centrally managed Food and Non-Food retailers in Europe. XV Retail is more than just a cash register. It interconnects your existing channels and makes them clearer and more powerful than ever before. It offers you one central, innovative solution that will handle all your processes. As a result, your employees will be satisfied with the optimal support they receive both on the shop floor and behind the scenes and, above all, your happy customers will receive an optimal service regardless of whether they were attracted online or offline.

Real-time integration

XV Retail is a unique commerce platform and a hub for all your customer contact encounters. Real-time integration with SAP or even a one-to-one link between XV-POS and your web store will offer customers and employees a single version of truth. XV Retail also has its own loyalty module that you can easily link to a cash register or web store. This will provide your customers with an unambiguous loyalty service.

Gift and loyalty cards

Each customer is unique, so you can reward loyal customers based on Omni Customer Loyalty (OCL). OCL offers you a total solution for your own and all third-party gift and loyalty cards. In addition to loyalty, XV Retail includes a customer database available both at the cash register offline and integrated in SAP in real time. This allows you to apply unique customer personalisation with customer-specific pricing and custom promotions, for example.

Take Control

Each transaction is registered both locally and centrally. The permanent connection between cash registers and your central system such as SAP (CAR) offers all kinds of advantages. You will ensure an optimal service on the shop floor and gain a real-time understanding of all your sales. The information will also help you to distribute stocks optimally across your branches, for example.

XV Retail also ensures closed-circuit money and goods flows. As a retailer, you will have a real-time understanding of where items are 24/7. Each movement will be registered from goods receipt to sale or returns. XV Retail also ensures you have full control of your cash flows thanks to integration with 'smart safes', cash machines, OmniChannel Payment platforms and complete Cash Management within the XV Retail application

Simplicity & performance

XV Retail makes it easy for employees or customers to register purchases themselves. The inventive Point Of Engagement user interface is available for tablets, self-scanning and conventional cash register screens. It does not matter whether the retailer has a small range, hundreds of thousands of items and customers or very complex promotional variants. Your cash register speed will always be guaranteed.

And because XV Retail is managed centrally, your cash registers will always be up-to-date. You can make price changes or other adjustments quickly and easily 24/7 and the same applies to software updates, so there will be no surprises in the chain.