Ctac is an inRiver Platinum partner. inRiver is a supplier of product information management solutions. This allows Ctac to help retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to streamline customers' complete (online) purchase process even better.


The number of digital sales channels and the use of mobile devices are fast increasing. You want to provide your customers with the best product information and help them make the right purchase decisions. Regardless of the channel. Efficient and flexible product information management is crucial in this respect.

inRiver's product information management (PIM) system is unique of its kind.inRiver's modern Product Information Management platform helps manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to perfectly streamline the entire buying process of their customers. Online, but also in catalogues and at points of sale.

PIM solutions are about collecting, enriching, distributing and optimising product information. The platform helps you to organise the right content for the sales and marketing of your products and services. You can manage your product information in an intuitive way and clearly share your organised product information across all channels used by your customers. This will ensure real-time information and accurate data on every sales channel.
The PIM system will create a first-class online customer experience and will speed up your time-to-market with a surprisingly short implementation time.

How do you create the best experience with the help of optimal product information management?

Ctac recently partnered with inRiver to present its vision of product information management during a webinar that covered the following issues:

- What is PIM and what are its benefits for you?
- How does PIM relate to master data management?
- How can PIM contribute to creating the best experience for customers and suppliers?
- What is the future role of PIM (vision + roadmap)?

Whitepaper: Product Information Management

In this white paper, we look at what you should always consider when procuring or using a PIM system to standardise product classification.

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