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The amount of data being collected by organisations is rising rapidly, as are customer expectations and the technological possibilities. New opportunities for growth and innovation are emerging.

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It is no longer possible to pigeon-hole customers. The same is true of organisations. Manufacturing companies are becoming service providers, wholesalers are becoming data hubs and online retailers are now also logistics experts. If we add high customer expectations, rapid technological innovations and an explosion of data to the mix, we can see that the development of new business models has become unavoidable. But how do you approach this? How can you respond quickly to what is happening? And what role does your ERP system play in all this?

Rarely has anything been this logical

In these dynamic times, your organisation needs a digital core from where you can rapidly oversee and control all processes. SAP S/4HANA is one such system. It indicates the exact speed and scalability you need to optimise, compete and innovate – not just now, but in the future. Why? Because SAP S/4HANA will continue to grow as time goes on and as your organisation develops.

A game plan for the future

Ctac knows S/4HANA like no other. That means we know exactly when a switch will benefit you. The time in which to do so is quite specific. If you change too early, the solution will not yet add optimal value and the implementation or transition will be a waste of your time. If you change too late, you will put your organisation's leadership position at risk. This is why we draw up a game plan with you, as it lets you know exactly when and how to make the switch. You will never again have to gamble on the continuity of your organisation.

The advantages of S/4HANA

  • Business: from internal processes to focusing on customers and partners, higher customer satisfaction, real-time insight
  • Strategic: connection with customers, partners and innovative technology made easy, discover and implement new business models rapidly, risk management and compliance
  • IT: lower total cost of ownership, simplified IT infrastructure, a single version of the truth

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Discover how you can prepare your company for the switch to SAP S/4HANA when the time is right.

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Building your organisation's future

You've heard of the benefits of SAP S/4HANA and you're considering implementation or conversion. But this is just the beginning, because when is it the right time to start this project? What is the best route to take?

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New ways of working call for a modern ERP

Blog - 18 May 2020, Henk Palsma, 3 min reading time

As an IT or operational manager, you're always looking for improvements and trying to integrate your processes with one another more effectively. That's why a modern ERP, the basis for all key data within your organisation, is essential.

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With traditional ERP Systems, you can never do anything exceptional, which is why many organisations are switching to a modern digital core that reveals new growth opportunities: SAP S/4HANA. Are you ready to take this step?

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You will find out how S/4HANA can help you to stay ahead of the competition in a market where new developments follow each other in rapid succession.