Recorded Webinar: Winshuttle Studio Basics

Recorded Webinar: Winshuttle Studio Basics

21 February 2019 | Webinar

Data quality is the foundation for virtually every process in your organization. It is therefore very important to safeguard the quality of the information in your SAP systems, for example by making the entry and mutation of data as easy as possible. How? Well, this is something which we would like to show you during the Winshuttle Studio Basics webinar recording.

What you can expect
During the webinar recording, we will show you some practical ways to use the user-friendly office software Excel as an interface to your SAP systems. This approach makes loading, adapting and following-up data in SAP much easier. The result? Saving time. Less mistakes. Better data quality. And, last but not least, a relaxed IT department.

The webinar is intended for anyone who would like to get to know the capabilities of Winshuttle.

  • Introduction
  • Partnership between Ctac & Winshuttle
  • Winshuttle demo
  • Questions

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